Smart & Savvy Women is a fast-growing UK-based independent production company, working across Television and Film. Smart & Savvy Women uses the power of storytelling to bring the best of Africa’s creative talent to the rest of the world. Our stories aim to entertain, transmit African values, preserve African history, and celebrate African culture.

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FIT FOR A FIRST LADY follows five African fashion designers who gather at Broughton Hall in Skipton, North Yorkshire, to showcase their skills in a prestigious fashion export competition. Their task is to create a unique ball gown for the First Lady of their respective countries, who will attend the UK Annual Royal Diplomatic Ball. As they strive to fuse the African and UK fashion cultures, the designers must push their creative boundaries to ensure their garments are FIT FOR A FIRST LADY and suitable for the Royal Diplomatic Ball.


A full panel of Judges will evaluate the designers based on their ability to internationalise their beautiful creations. Only time will tell which one of the talented designers will walk away with the £10,000 grand cash prize.

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