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71-75 Shelton St. Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ UK +44 20 3911 2155


Welcome to SMART & SAVVY WOMEN (SSW) Limited, an international trade capacity building organisation. We provide export and business development services to African women exporters in the Fashion, Textile & Clothing industry. Smart & Savvy Women was founded to contribute to international trade becoming more inclusive for African Women exporters and entrepreneurs.


Are you an export-driven woman-owned or woman-led business?  Are you ready to take a advantage of new global markets?   The Fashion Value Chain is one of the oldest and most global industries with great financial prospects.  Its market value is in excess of three Trillions of US Dollars and is still growing!  At Smart & Savvy Women, we are here to help you take control of the process of integrating your small business in the global fashion value chain.

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It takes more than your creative ability to successfully access international markets. The fashion and clothing industry is a highly competitive and fast-paced business environment, with legal, financial and operational constraints. You have to spend at least 75% of your planning on your new target market standards & regulations and the customer needs. This requires you to learn how to apply related international trade rules, comply with product safety, chemicals, labelling & sustainability regulations, and how to ultimately sell to your client.

If you are new to the export world and would like to learn more, contact us to tell us all about your needs.

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We are grateful to all our Corporate Sponsors and Partners for their generosity and continued support.  Their unwavering support is fundamental in enabling Smart & Savvy Women to bring world-class export and business support services to our fashion entrepreneurs.  To know learn more about our Sponsors and Partners, please click on their individual logos below.

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