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“We are committed to helping
exploit international trade opportunities
in the global fashion industry.”

Exporting to new international markets has the potential to make your business more competitive and innovative.  However, the whole process of market access, can be complicated, with product compliance and access to finance being the greatest two challenges, you are going to face.  Product compliance is an aspect of your export journey that is intricately interwoven with your ability to access finance.  To improve your chances of success, you need to have access to accurate and strategic market intelligence on product compliance.  This is the backbone of your export plan and holy grail of small business export finance.

Our services, cut across four integrated pillars of access to FINANCE, SKILLS, INFORMATION and MARKET.  We use a structured and strategic approach to help African women businesses grow through improved capacity to access EU and UK export markets.



The process of securing financing for your export business can be a minefield! Our team of seasoned experts can help you prepare a winner investor package to improve your chances of success.  We offer services that range from export business planning support to small business financing workshops.  It is important that you learn to evaluate the different financing options available to you.  This includes how they apply to your financing needs at different stages of the business lifecycle and the risks involved.  CONTACT US for more information.


Ready-to-Export Bootcamps:  Your ability to understand and comply with international voluntary and mandatory technical rules and regulations in your target export market is very important to customers and financier.  We have partnered with global technical and compliance trade experts, to offer short and practical market access courses. We educate women like you on the critical aspects of compliance required to enter key international markets. CONTACT US for more information.



Networking Events – As an export-driven fashion entrepreneur you are operating in a fast-paced global environment.  This means you need to have a finger on the pulse of “all things fashion”.  In particular, your potential investors need to have the confidence you are tapped in and tuned into every shifting marketplace.  Our networking events are designed to help you have access to timely, practical and strategic information related to your products and target export market.  CONTACT US for more information.


Understanding your new client in your chosen market, developing and maintaining strong linkages with them, is key to staying abreast of international export standards and regulations.  It is also key to demonstrating a strong case to your potential investors.  Our services include helping you attend local and international trade shows to help you gain access to textile, design & production resources, factories and other production-related services.   We have also developed a Global Market Access Reality TV Show BREAKOUT FASHIONISTAS which gives millennial fashion entrepreneurs the opportunity to test drive their products and talent in the global fashion cities.